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Skin Specialist Karachi Being the 1st Pakistani to attain PhD in Dermatology from the United Kingdom, he later did fellowship training in Boston, U.S.A, and has been a consultant since 1992 in Saudi Arabia, being chief of Makkah for Dermatology. He came back to Pakistan as Professor & Head of the Department Dermatology Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, Karachi from 2006 - 2012.

Prof .Samdani has more than 40 National & International Publications in some of the most renowned Journals in the world. He sits on a number of National and international boards He has been involved in development of a new topical treatment for Leishmaniasis in the Pakistan, a subject on which he was published widely and also had the honor of being focal person for Pakistan at the WHO world conferences on Leishmaniasis. He has special interest in general dermatology, hair related problems, acne, pigmentation disorders,skin ageing, fungal/viral infections and sexually transmitted diseases and cosmetic treatments.

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As a Dermatologist and Skin Specialist, Prof. Azam Samdani provide following Services in Karachi.

• Adult and Paederiatic Dermatology.
• Pigmentation disorders.
• Scar improvements.
• Laser hair removal.
• Aesthetic Dermatology (Botox, Fillers etc).
• Acute skin conditions.
• Allergy skin testing.
• Dermatologic surgery and procedures.

Skin Specialist in Karachi

What Prof. Samdfani said about some Beauty parlours use‘toxic’ fairness creams.

At the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Karachi, Professor Azam J. Samdani, ( Dermatologist, Skin Specialist) head of the dermatology department, says that the use of steroids on the face can lead to irreversible damage if such products are used for a longer period. “Once the skin gets thinner, it becomes difficult to bring it back to its normal condition. Though we get few patients, the trend to use sub-standard fairness creams, especially at beauty parlours, is increasing.”




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